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Backflow Cross Connection Control Program

As part of our ongoing effort to protect our public drinking water system and make sure our consumers always have the best quality of water, we follow the State's guidelines for Cross Connection Control. 


Specific questions regarding Cross Connection Control should be directed to our Backflow Prevention Coordinator Justin Holte at 208-772-5657.

Turn In BAT Reports

BAT Report Testers

BAT Report Testers MUST use the SYNCTA portal to turn in reports. 

Testers must update calibration and licensing information each year prior to submitting any BAT reports.
You cannot send us this information, you must log in and complete it yourself.


This is the ONLY WAY we will accept BAT reports from certified testers!

If you would like to be added, removed, or have your contact information updated on our list of certified BAT Testers, please email or call Justin Holte at 208-772-5657.

SYNCTA Portal Help


Homeowners can drop of their reports at our office located at:
207 E. Hayden Ave
Hayden, ID
Homeowners can also email their BAT reports to:
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