Welcome to our Cross Connection Control Program page.  The object of this page is to help you better understand our program. 

Any questions regarding Cross Connection Control can be directed to our Backflow Prevention Coordinator Justin Holte at (208) 772-5657.

The Cross Connection Control Program can be viewed in it's entirety by clicking on the below link.  
Who controls the costs involved in having our backflow assemblies tested? 
Unfortunately, the costs involved in having backflow assemblies tested rests solely on the shoulders of the licensed testers doing it.  We suggest you shop around and make sure are getting a fair price.  

How much does it cost to have backflow assemblies tested?
We've been led to believe that a ball park figure for just having your backflow assemblies tested ranges from $25.00 to $50.00.  If you need maintenance done on your backflow assemblies or to get to your backflow assembly you will have additional labor or possibly parts charges involved.  All of this will be determined of course by the licensed tester that you contact.

How do I know if my property complies?
Please respond to our line survey located on this page.  When we get your survey we will evaluate it and if any additional backflow assemblies are needed we will contact you.  

What if I refuse to comply?
The State Administrative Code says this:   Discontinuance of water service to any facility where suitable backflow protection has not been provided for a cross connection.  Everyone that refuses to comply is only endangering themselves as well as the other consumers in the district.

Why does this have to be done annually?
This has to be done annually because backflow assemblies just like everything else do fail.  The state requires that they be tested annually.

For those who already have backflow assemblies, will we just simply be required to have them tested?
Yes.  You will need to continue to have your backflow assemblies tested annually.

What is a backflow assembly?
Simply, a backflow assembly will only allow water to flow in one direction.  Once water goes past the backflow assembly, it can't be sucked or pushed back into the public water system.

What if I don't have a sprinkler system?
For the residences and homeowners of the district, the main compliance will be anti-siphon hose bibs and sprinkler systems.  If your house was built after 1990, chances are you already have anti-siphon hose bibs.  If you don't have a sprinkler system, than your next concern will be the hose bibs on your house.  If your hose bibs are not anti-siphon, an adapter can be purchased to screw on the end.

Shouldn't the builder of my house or building be responsible for meeting the backflow requirement?
No. When your house was built it would have had to pass the state plumbing requirements for that year.  

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